Today’s Photo

You may, or may not, be aware that I’ve recently had shoulder surgery so using the “big” camera is neigh impossible with one hand. However, the iPhone is perfect for the “use what you’ve got” school. I’ve used the iPhone quite a bit over the past year and I’ve come to appreciate it’s photo capabilities. My favorite iPhoto apps…6X6 and 6X7.

In honor of a new section on my blog, I’m posting two photos: one of a 20 year or more old lavender plant and the other, the very first bloom from an African Violet plant in all the years we’ve had them.

Normally lavender plants are replaced every so often as when they age, they begin to sprawl, the center opens up, and the blooms become less productive.  The old timer below is the oldest lavender plant in our garden and, as it has aged over the years, I have developed an affinity with it. Even as it ages, as it’s trunk thickens and is splitting, it still sends out new growth every year, its flowers still provide nourishment for bumble bees and honeybees, birds perch on its gnarly branches and sometimes I sit on a nearby bench simply to look at the plant.  I know one day the plant will die, all living things do, but until that time it, like all living things, deserves its place in the sun.



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