First Winter Storm Shots

The sky this morning when I left for work was simply spectacular.  A quarter moon, seemingly touching the tops of the nearby firs, was hanging low over the eastern sky; the stars brilliant against the velvet early morning sky; the Orion constellation dominating the southern sky; and a refreshing snap in the air from the first 28 degree temperature of the year.  The moisture in the air had frosted hard on my truck. When I got in the truck and looked though the hard frost on my windshield eerily backlit from the overhead garage light, I simply had to take the the picture.

The Glass Galaxy

My next image was a grab shot from inside a car while traveling back to Kent to Tukwila late this morning.  I was riding in the back and as I looked to the south I saw the sun trying to break through a constant front of fast moving storm clouds.  As I’m a firm believer of “use what you have” I pulled out my iPhone 4s and took three or four shots from inside the car with the window rolled up.  As it turns out it was the first shot that was perfectly focused.

Winter Sky In Kent Washington

Winter Sky in Kent Washington
















Tools: iPhone 4s, Snapseed, 6X6 (The Glass Galaxy), 6X7 (Winter Sky)

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