Woodland Mushroom & Frosted Lavender

I regret I’ve not posted many photos lately.  I’ve returned to work from a six week Leave of Absence for rotator cuff surgery and it’s been an interesting transistion getting back “into the groove”.  This photo was taken the past weekend.  My wife and son found these in the heavy ground cover on the exposed root of a dead rose bush when moving the remaining live ones to a new home.  This particular mushroom, the Hypholoma fasciculare, is also known as the “Sulphur Tuft”.  One interesting fact about the Sulphur Tuft is that it has been used “successfully as an experimental treatment to competitively displace a common fungal disease of conifers, Armillaria solidipes, from managed coniferous forests”. (Wikpedia).

A Cluster of Woodland Mushrooms, aka “Sulphur Tuft”

Last weekend the temperature dropped to 26 degrees and when I walked outside the old Lavender plant was covered in frost and I could not resist a photo.  Over the years I’ve taken many photos of this plant as it’s grown old.  What fascinates me is the character the plant has acquired as its weathered trunk continues to grown in spite of the heat, the extreme cold snaps (for Western Washington)  where the temperatures drop into the teens, the summers when there’s no rain to speak of, or heavy rains that come through in the fall and winter.  I often look at plant and admire its ability to survive regardless of what Mother Nature throws at it.

Tools: Woodland Mushroom: iPhone 5 (I borrowed my son’s iPhone 5 for this shot), 6X7; Lavender: iPhone 4S, 6X7

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