November Photos from Different Times

It’s been hectic and I’ve not had a lot of time to go “photo hunting” this fall.  My wife and son found some very tiny, actually miniature mushrooms Friday for me to shoot but it was a late day at work, it was dark by the time I arrived at the house and by the next morning they had already wilted and had lost their form.  I did take a few shots which I’ll share just to show you the size.  We can only hope that the spores will germinate for for next fall.  Oh, I have no idea of what these miniature mushrooms are called.

Unknown Mushroom past it’s prime – 2nd image

Scale for unknown mushrooms

D300, Tamron 90mm Macro, tripod, PS5.

This time last year I went on a little photo safari to the Des Moines Marina and then to the University of Washington Tacoma campus.  I’ve been wanting to go to both locations for quite some time and Saturday, November 20, 2011 was as good a time as any.  It was cold that day, probably in the low 30’s when I started in the mid-afternoon at the Marina and in the high 20’s by the time I arrived at the campus.  It had been overcast most of the morning and by early afternoon it began to semi-clear up.

Des Moines Marina

Main Stairwell, University of Washington, Tacoma

Tools: D300; Nikon 24-85; Nikon Capture NX2

The last photo I would like to share was taken with the Beastie RB-67 on a cold winter day in Berlin.  I braced the monster on the rail of the bridge and waited for the
S-Bahn to roll down the rails.  As it approached I took as many shots as I could and this was the best.  With the exception of my family, this shot has never been shown before.  It’s  moody and everything worked in the photo as I hoped it would that cold, wintery late afternoon.  I hope you like it.

S-Bahn, Zahlendorf, Berlin Germany

Tools:  Mamiya RB-67, 90mm lens; NIK software

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