Today’s Photo: The Western Thatching Ant Home

We were driving back from Fort Lewis a few days ago and my wife spotted one of the giant ant hills we’ve seen for years that was being overgrown with greenery.  We quickly turned around and stopped near the area where the hill was.  The ground cover under the big firs in this area is thick, spongy, and feels like walking a soft carpet – ideal ground cover for Western Thatching Ants to construct their mounds.  Although the ants primarily use fallen pine needles as they construct these enormous hills they also use other materials as they find them.  The mound in this photo is probably four feet or so high and is home to countless ants both above and below ground.  Here are two fascinating videos published on Oct 20, 2012 by ;  Part I – Domain of the Thatching Ant; and Part II – Domain of the Thatching Ant 

A four foot ant hill mound built by Western Thatching Ants

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