New Year – New Moon

The past few days have been cold – evening temps in the high 20s and the mornings in the low 20s with clear nights and crisp, frosty mornings. Remnants of the light snow that fell on Thursday evening last week still remain in the shaded areas in the woods and nearby yards. While the past few days have been clear, the sky this afternoon was shrouded in misty clouds high in the atmosphere with a heavier cloud buildup to the west.

Simply put, all the makings for a dramatic sunset were in place and we weren’t disappointed. The sunset this evening was simply spectacular as the sun sank lower and lower to it’s nightly resting place below the horizon leaving behind clouds bathed in glorious reds, incredible oranges, delicate patches of peach, nectarine, and tinged with the faintest traces of purple. And, as the beautiful colours were beginning to fade away, the silverly crescent of the New Moon surrounded by the faintly coloured clouds appeared over the ridge line of the house between the bare branches of the wisteria. It was a sublime moment that I would like to share with you.


Tools: iPhone 4S, Photogene

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