Tattoo – Part 2: Addendum to The First Tattoo Post – Updated on 2/11/13 with better photos

It’s been a while since I posted the original Tattoo article and I apologize for that. I sorted out the remainder of the scans I made a month or so ago into categories which will make the following Tattoo posts easier. I also located the Tattoo booklet that I purchased that night at a nominal cost so now I can add a bit more factual information to each posting. Before I finish with all the Tattoo posts, I’ll scan the booklet and post a pdf file for those who would like to read the booklet in it’s entirety.

So tonight, two posts: The first (this post) is an addendum to the original Tattoo post with the addition of a photograph of the Royal Navy Window Ladder Display Team and their write up in the booklet. The second post is the White Hats Motorcycle Team (including the booklet photgraph and write up) as well as those photographs from that night at the Tattoo in 1975.

The booklet’s cover:

Booklet Cover

The Royal Navy Window Ladder Display Team photo:

01-Booklet Photo

The team’s write up:

02-Booklet Write up

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