February 15: Wine and Chocolate at the Seymour Conservatory

Frontal side view of the Seymour

Frontal side view of the Seymour

My wife and I became members at the Seymour Conservatory at Wright Park, Tacoma, WA, last year.  We been going to the Seymour off and on for years and decided it was time to join for a number of reasons: First, we’d been going years and, other than buying plants and various items in the gift shop, we hadn’t really contributed; two, it was a very nice place to spend an hour no matter what time of the year; three, the surrounding Wight Park where the Seymour is located is a lovely walk during the spring, summer and early fall; four, access to the incredible plant sales a day before being offered to the public; and five, it was the right thing to do.  The sixth reason, although we didn’t realize it, is that they have very nice member nights throughout the year.  This past Friday was one such event, the Annual Chocolate and Wine night.  The funds they raise from these events go back into the Conservatory as it’s non-profit for facility upkeep, flower displays, and so forth.

Tickets to the Chocolate and Wine Night, Seymour Conservatory

Tickets to the Chocolate and Wine Night, Seymour Conservatory

For years I have been talking about going to the Seymour each month for a year and photographing the flowers in bloom that month.  – sort of a living documentary.  And, for years, I’ve not done so.  So, this year the procrastination comes to an end.  I’ve decided the last weekend of the month will be the weekend we visit the Seymour for the photo journey.  In case you’re wondering, we did go the last week of January and I’m posting these tonight.

Next weekend is the February visit and, hopefully, the photos will be up by Sunday night.

Before I add the January images, I’d like to post three from Friday night..these were taken with my iPhone 4s as mementos of the evening.  My wife is particularly fond of the palm reflection in the glass roof.  It was a lovely time at the Seymour and afterwards, we went to dinner at the Adriatic Grill near the Tacoma Mall.  The food was quite good and afterwards, off to the house to retire for the night.



Palm and reflection

Palm and reflection







Now, the January images…I realized after I returned home I should have recorded the names of each flower…I’ll do so this weekend.

Tools: Nikon D300; 24-85mm; Nikon Capture 2, PS5, Nik Software, and willing subjects

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