The Daily Photo: The Ikea Tree

Yesterday, I went to the Ikea store in Tukwila, Washington, about 10 or so minutes from where I work.  I went to pick up some rose tea lights my wife likes the best.  It was about four PM and the sun was out.  At point you’re thinking “OK, so?” and I don’t blame you.

So what does Itea have to do with a daily photo?  The connection is a single tree I’ve been looking at for the past few years and have been waiting for the right moment to occur. And, the right time was yesterday afternoon about four PM.  Even the “Photo Of The Moment You’ve Been Waiting For” gods were with me as the ONLY parking place was right in front of that single tree on the north wall of the blue Ikea building.

Here’s the photo…it looks exactly as I saw it in my mind those past few years ago.

The Ikea Tree       "White on Blue"

The Ikea Tree
“White on Blue”

Tools:  iPhone 4S, Photogene app

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