February At The Seymour Conservatory and a Visit to The City Center Grocery Store

I had yesterday, Friday the 22nd, off so we went to the Seymour Conservatory to photograph the plants in bloom.  It’s a good thing that what I wanted to shoot was indoors as it rained considerably yesterday.  We made a mini-day trip of the Seymour: first stopping at Kolby’s Donut House for a donut and coffee, then to the Seymour, and finally we stopped at the City Center IGA grocery store in downtown Tacoma.  More on the City Center later in this post.

When we arrived at the Conservatory it wasn’t crowded and we were pleased to find a parking place next to the entrance.  Normally when we go Wright Park (where the Seymour Conservatory is located), it’s on a weekend, parking is more difficult and there’s more people admiring the flowers and exhibits in the Seymour.  As there weren’t that many people in the conservatory I could take my time wandering around taking a mental survey of what was in bloom and then taking the time to find the best shot.  It was a very peaceful photo session.

As I wandered here and there I realized that most of the exhibits weren’t named which makes identification more difficult.  Those that can be named as they can be:

Here’s The Last Weekend of February photos of the Seymour Conservatory.  The City Center IPA Grocery store images will immediately follow.

Please note – Click on on of the Seymour images and a slide show will open.

Following our journey to the Seymour, we stopped at the City Center Grocery Store on the way home.  We’d passed it many times in the past and decided today we would stop.

Although the store is in downtown Tacoma, parking is not a problem at all – unlike many store fronts along Pacific avenue in downtown Tacoma.  There is a parking garage behind the store and if you buy $10.00 worth of goods, your parking receipt is validated when you checkout.  They have a dedicated area on the third floor of the garage with the elevator entrance to the store a short distance away.

Shopping in the store was a very pleasant experience.  It was well lit, well stocked, and the store employees we met from the manager down to the check out clerks were friendly and eager to help.  The produce was fresh and well displayed and we found items in the store that we hadn’t found in chain grocery stores, including fresh milk in glass bottles with cream at the top from a local dairy.  It’s been a VERY long time since we found milk in glass bottles without going to a dairy.  Yes, we bought a bottle of 2% milk and drank some as soon as we got home – it was absolutely delicious.

Our first experience in The City Center Grocery store was wonderful and we’ve decided that we’ll stop there on the way home from our Last Weekend of The Month photo shoot at the Seymour.

If you’re in the downtown Tacoma area, consider giving them a try – we did and we’ll be going back.  In full disclosure, I received no discounts or other offers from the store – I’m doing this as I like shopping at local business whenever possible.

2013-02-22 24 IGA

2013-02-22 25 IGA

2013-02-22 26 IGA

2013-02-22 27 IGA

2013-02-22 28 IGA

2013-02-22 29 IGA

2013-02-22 30 IGA

Tools: iPhone 4s (Grocery store photos); Nikon D300, 18-105 Nikkor, flash.  Snapseed for ALL photos.

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