Live Oak and The Rising Moon

I've been preocuppied these past months and I'm looking forward to posting again. It's been a busy summer, gardening is over and we're preparing the yard for winter…fall is a magical time in the northwest and I always look forward to this time of the year. Normally, September and the first half of October are absolutely beautiful this time of year as the cool weather moves in, the skies begins to take on that northern hemisphere blue sky that I find incredible, the leaves begin to turn into those beautiful reds and yellows, and the mornings fill with fog. All in all, the northwest is beautiful this time of the year.

This fall, however, has been a bit differrent. September was fairly rainy and October has been a bit nippier than usual with a fair amount of fog and haze settling in.

Part of the reason I've not posted is that I've been working through PTSD this summer. It's been a very interesting journey and even though it has been difficult at times, realizing that it's been with me since 1968 and finally understanding the impact it's had on me and those around me, my family and friends, my life, has had a deep impact on me. I also struggle whether I should post about PTSD and I'm torn on this. On the other hand, it's part of the journey I'm on and I can only hope that acknowledging this issue will help someone else. It's still a very difficult decision to be open about this.

While counseling has been very beneficial, I find that writing about my thoughts and experiences to be even more so and I'm glad of it. One of the more interesting aspects I find is that my greatest opening up is when I come to grips with an event, it percolates in my mind and at some point I write about it two ways…in both as a narrative and as a poem. I find that once I write about it then I can come to grips with the event. The poems I write are even a more powerful release. They're quite intense and I really struggle with posting them.

I unlimbered my camera this weekend and was quite pleased with an image of the rising moon, Mt. Rainier, and live oak.



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