November 10, 2013: Meet Jack the Samoyed

Jack the Samoyed

Jack the Samoyed

Evening all, I’d like you to meet Jack the Samoyed – the newest member of the family. He’s between five and eight years old and is a rescue animal. The rescue folks brought him by last week for an introduction and we picked him up today. We’ve has Sammies before (Zeke, Kelly, and Monte) over the years so the breed is not unfamiliar to us. The rescue folks, Kathy and Ron, run the Northwest Samoyed Rescue in Tenino, Washington. They’re nice people and over the 10 years they’ve rescued over 100 Samoyeds and have placed most of them.

Jack was overweight when they picked him up from the animal shelter (he weighed in around 116 pounds) and has alreay lost over six pounds since last week. He’s a big Samoyed – the biggest we had of the four and needs to lose another 25 or so pounds to get back to his normal weight. We took him for his first walk this evening and he was tired when he got back. As we have another dog (Zaya the German Shredder of both fur and toys) and some allergies, he’s here with the understanding that if eveything doesn’t work out, Kathy and Ron has requested that we bring him back as they don’t want Zaya to go crazy or us to have allergy problems.

He’s a big teddy bear and we both believe it will all work out!

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