November 29, 2013: The Lazy iPhone Photographer

Yesterday we put the holiday music on, pulled out the decorations from their storage niche, set up the tree, decorated, set up all the lights, and put ourselves in the holiday mood. It was a very nice, festive, cheerful day and we all pitched in to make the house right. So, from now on until very early January, the house will decked out in holiday trim. It's an event we look forward to each year. Normally, when we're all done, I'll unlimber the big camera, put it on a tripod and go about taking shots to capture the “opening night” of the tree, the window lights and so on. This time, however, I used the iPhone to capture the scene and it came out quite nice.

I steadied the phone on shutter door leading into the living room, exhaled and pushed the button. I used the HDR function on the iPhone camera, captured the scene and here you have it with no additional editing.

In the past few years, I became an ardent disciple of the “Use the Tool You Have” school of thought and I like it. As I have the iPhone with me all the time, it's what I've use to capture a lot of the spur of the moment shots when I either don't have the big camera or, it many cases, I don't have time to pull it out to capture what I see it in front of me. As the iPhones have evolved, their capture ability has really gained traction and has allowed imaged to be captures far more readily today than in the past. This is not to say that the DSLR won't be pulled out, but now when I use it, it's more for a definite purpose, an event I now plan for. The iPhone has allowed me to look at photographic tools in a different light.


Oh, while walking across the patio yesterday, Jack was lying there just waiting to photographed.


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