December 7, 2013: A Walk With Jack to The Marsh

Today Jack and I went for a walk to the marsh and back – about a one mile walk. It was a very frosty, cold day with the temperature around 27 degrees, a bright sun, and a clear blue that I’ve seen only in the northern latitudes. It was an enjoyable walk and Jack clearly enjoyed it and so did I.

It truly was a beautiful day and I absolutely love this time of the year. The snap in the air is invigorating, the vegetation and foliage have changed to their winter colors, there was frost on the sides of the road and over much of the fallen leaves, summer grass, and the blackberry brambles.  Here’s some photos of the walk.

Backlit Cat Tails – the sun is to the south

Frozen Horsetails

Blackberry Bramble dusted in frost

Deer path

This path is not normally seen in the deep summer

The marsh is a protected area but at one time, there were attempts to fence it.



This is always a clear spot regardless of the time of the year

Finally, a running stream transiting under the road to the south.

Tools: iPhone 5, Snapseed


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One Response to December 7, 2013: A Walk With Jack to The Marsh

  1. apple.e.e-s. says:

    Jack reminds me of the wolves in the Game of Thrones 🙂

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