August 17, 2014: The End of Remodeling Is In Sight

This week saw the last of the interior remodeling and almost the end of a six month stretch of updating the interior and exterior of the “big house” and the converted “mother-in-law” apartment. While the kitchen was completed some months ago, we still had the move from the converted apartment to the main house to go through, including emptying and repainting rooms, refinishing furniture, and then the move itself.

The master bedroom became the office and the bedroom that had been the office became my wife’s bedroom. Both rooms were emptied completely and repainted. Once the paint dried, the move began and over a period of time, the kids were in the converted apartment and my wife back into the house. The refinished furniture was positioned, one side of the hallway repainted, and pictures and paintings rehung.

Preparation for the move was in stages…my son and his fiance were in the big house and my wife was in the converted apartment. In October 2011, my wife and I were in a difficult place and my oldest son made the decision that my wife should move to the converted apartment until we reconciled our differences. The kids had been living in the converted apartment and over the next few weeks, the switch had been completed.

This year, we had, for the most part, resolved our differences and it was time for my wife to move back into the house. The move had to be done sequentially and took place over the past couple of months. Rooms were emptied, repainted, and once my wife had completed the refinishing process of a number of pieces of furniture (a library table, roll top desk, dressers and shelving had stripped, stained, and multiple coats of tung oil applied) the move began in earnest.

The new pantry being checked out by Helen the Woozle

The remaining task for the interior was updating the “broom closet / modified pantry” (via an Ikea piece of kitchen furniture) to a true pantry, and adding some slider doors to the bottom of the china cabinet. Layne, the “artist” contractor, measured, cut, and installed a custom, hand built pantry into the former broom closet this week.

By Friday night, the construction / installation was completed. The last remaining task was to apply the Teak oil which we did Friday night after Layne left. Saturday afternoon my wife moved all the food stuffs from the roll about shelf that was used as a temporary shelving unit until the pantry was completed


Also, the stained glass door was framed and straightened…it now looks very nice and opens / closes so much easier.

Yesterday and today was a massive cleaning to rid everything of drywall dust and to make everything sparkling once again

It’s been a long six months but it was truly worth it. My wife and I are doing much better, the house is rearranged, and retirement is 74 days away.

We’re both looking forward to November 1, my first day without full time employment.

Next post – July and August Super moons near Mt. Rainier, WA.  .




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