November 1, 2014 – Day 1 of A Year Long Journey of Daily Photos: – Addendum

My apologies…I mislabeled the Hostas.  I originally referred to them as “Coleus”.

Over the past several years my wife suggested that I post a photo a day, that it would be good for me on a number of different levels…it would encourage me to post, it would a discipline to observe what’s around me, and it would be a means to show what I see each day.  As I look back on why I haven’t done a daily photo/post, it seems that my various reasons why I couldn’t (the usual…not enough time, I have to be in the mood for a shoot, and so forth) were excuses, nothing more, nothing less.

I thought about this for weeks before I retired and decided that on November 1, I would begin a “Photo a Day” journey for at least a year.  I believe this will be a good journey in many, many ways, perhaps the most important being that establishing a discipline and being more open to what’s around me.

There will be a twist to the daily photo…I am going to use one prime lens a month for a while instead of switching back and forth or using zooms as zooming was easier than using your feet.  At this point I have five primes so it will be interesting.

This first month’s Daily Photos will be shot with the Nikon Df and a 2.8 55mm AI Micro-Nikkor lens.  This particular lens was given to me earlier this year along with a Nikon FM camera.  It’s interesting to note that in the early 90’s our house was robbed and amongst much more loss and damage, the Nikon FM was one of the items stolen and 20 some years later I have one given back to me.

Today’s photos are of a Dawn Redwood and Hosta leaves…

Dawn Redwood Needles (ISO 3600, 1/60s, f11)

Dawn Redwood Needles

Dawn Redwood Needles




Hosta Leaves In Fall Colors (ISO 720, 1/60s, f8)

2014-101-01_091 Colia


Tools:  Nikon Df; Micro-Nikkon 55mm












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One Response to November 1, 2014 – Day 1 of A Year Long Journey of Daily Photos: – Addendum

  1. Not coleus; those are hosta leaves.

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