November 2, 2014: Day 2 of 365 Daily Photos

Today’s Daily Photo is of Crystal stemware we’ve had since we left Bad Toelz, Germany in December 1986.  When we were married in Berlin in the mid-70s and moved “off-post” one of the amenities was that we could choose china and glassware commensurate with our rank.  This was only possible as if you were stationed in West Berlin during the Cold War, you could bring very limited household goods due to the cost of shipping. To compensate for the limited goods, US military families were issued furniture, glassware, china and silver for use during their three year tour.  It goes without saying that it was all turned back in when you left.

In many ways Berlin left it’s mark on us, some good, some not so good.  So, when we arrived in Bad Toelz in December of 1983 (we arrived in a fierce snow storm and three years later we left for the airport in Munich in another fierce snow storm), we decided to buy china, crystal and silverware that we could use and bring back with us.  Within a short while Mr. Kaspari, a salesman for the goods we were looking for, knocked on our door and after a while we finally decided on what of which we would like to buy.  As an aside, we received a letter from his wife about three or four years after we had left Germany letting us know he had died.  In many ways it was sad knowing he passed away as he was a truly nice man and a real pleasure to talk with.

The crystal ware has lived in different places within the house over the years and this year we moved it to it’s permanent home in the family room and is now openly displayed in a backlit cabinet.

Since the move I’ve constantly looked at the crystal knowing there was a photo just waiting.  Yesterday, I took a sample shot with the iPhone followed up by a quick shoot early this morning around 5:00 am.

One of the reasons I purchased the Nikon Df was it’s auto ISO function and large sensor capability.  Normally I would have had to put the camera on a tripod before I would even attempt this shot.  With the Df, I could do this handheld in auto ISO.

I truly like this image and I hope you will also!

Crystal (Nikon Df handheld with Micro-Nikon 55mm, ISO 3600, 1/60s, f11)

2014-11-02_095 Crystal

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