November 3, 2014: Day 3 of 365 Daily Photos – Holm Oak

On the way back from a VA appointment this morning I stopped for some photos of Holm Oak and an adjacent road near the Oaks.  I’ve done a number of shoots of this particular Holm Oak grove and haven’t really been happy so far.  How to truly capture the heart and soul of these gnarly trees has eluded me thus far.  This morning’s shot is a different look than the others.  Those were shot in foggy weather or on truly rainy cloudy days.  The crux of the problem I truly believe is that I can’t quite get to the right spot to portray what I’m looking for.  These trees are on Ft Lewis, WA property and there’s an eight foot fence in the way of my walking around.  So, I wander here and there looking for the right location.

Today’s shoot was in light rain with a medium overcast.

Holm Oak in Rain (Nikon DF, ISO 200, f11 @ 1/60, 55mm Micro-Nikkor)

2014-11-03_099 Holm Oak

About a 100 or so yards to the north was a road that I hadn’t been down before so I drove over there to see where it led, however, as it turned out, the road that I wanted to explore was gated off.

To a Destination Unknown  (Nikon DF, ISO 200, f11 @ 1/60, 55mm Micro-Nikkor)

2014-11-03 Road to Nowhere 1


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