November 4, 2014: Day 4 of 365 Daily Photos – Boston Ivy and (almost) Full Moon

It’s been a busy day rebuilding chairs and I knew today’s Daily Photo would really be tonight’s Daily Photo.

Fall is my favorite season for as the earth readies for winter, the leaves and foliage changes, the rains come in and my wife and I can almost hear the earth drinking until there’s no end after the warm to hot summer this year.  This is also the time of the year when the rain comes in heavy during the storms that wander through the Pacific Northwest.  Even with the changing weather, cooling temperatures, and the periodic rain that can last for days at times, there’s always color and life everywhere around us and it seems at times there are so many photographic opportunities.

Tonight’s Daily Photo is of the Boston Ivy right out our back door in it’s beginning transformation from green to yellow to brilliant red.  The second photo is of the moon nearly full shining briefly through the wind driven clouds scudding across the night sky.

Both shots taken with the Df and the 55mm Macro-Nikkor.  ISO was selected manually.

Boston Ivy (ISO 6400, 1/60 sec at F11 @f4.  2014-11-04_124 Boston Ivy in Fall


Moon Nearly Full (handheld, ISO 800, 1/8 at f4)

Our house is surrounded by trees, whether on our property or the neighbors.  I’ve always liked the view to the east as the trees offer an interesting foreground when the moon rises into view…

2014-11-04_130 Moon Almost Full

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