November 6, 2014: Day 6 of 365 Daily Photos – Fen with a Mohawk

It’s stormy today with high winds and heavy rains rolling in from the Pacific, the house is warm and dry, and today’s Daily Photo is of Fen the Mohawk toting terrier mix we adopted a couple of months ago.

When we first saw him amongst a few dozen dogs, he looked all fierce with his mane fluffed out and seem to be such a serious, solid canine.  He stood with quiet dignity as he watched various people walk to and fro.  As we approached, he cocked his head upward to the right as he greeted us with both ears erect.  The three of us bonded on the spot and he came home that day.

Since his arrival, his serious demeanor relaxed and we began to see a comical side of him.  His right ear flops around now and when we come home his whole body breaks into a furious wag with his bushy tail a constant blur.

When our youngest son came home, he brought with him his two  Basset-Beagle dogs with him, Marley and Ladybug.  Ladybug is the oldest and he saw Marley on an adoption site when he was in Afghanistan.  He immediately adopted the dog and the agency kindly took care of her until he left Afghanistan and picked her up a few months later.

Ladybug, Marley and Fen took to each other fairly easily and before you knew it, Marley (easily three times the weight of Fen) and Fen became best buddies and play constantly together now.

Here’s Fen (Nikon Df with the Macro-Nikko 55 mm, Auto ISO 12,800 at 1/50 sec at 5.6)

Fen the Mohawk Dog

Fen the Mohawk Dog

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