November 7, 2014: Day 7 of 365 Daily Photos – Thor’s Hammer

Today’s Daily Photo is of Thor’s Hammer and a cow skull we found on our property in early spring 1987.

Thor’s Hammer and the bleached cow skull are at the end of the porch and are quite visible as you enter the front gate.  The Hammer is there as my son strongly believes in Norse mythology and the skull…well, it’s an interesting story.

Before I joined the army in 1965 I lived in Albuquerque, NM.  Before we moved there from France, I read every thing I possibly could on the American West.  When we finally arrived, I was fascinated by the intense summer heat, the adobe architecture, Old Town, and the surrounding mesa around Albuquerque.  Whenever we went somewhere I was always looking for signs of the old western “days” and I always tried to image what history took place in whatever spot we had stopped at or visited.  I forever looked for arrow tips, cast away items from wagon trains, and most of all, a bleached cow skull amidst the tumbleweeds, mesquite, cactus, and other features in the dry terrain.  And, no matter how hard I searched I never found one.

Later when my wife and I married and toured the southwest as part of our honeymoon, I continued to look to no avail.  By now my wife knew of my obsession and whenever we traveled through the west on our various cross country trips, we looked – again with no luck.

Given this backstory, you can imagine our surprise when we found the skull in Graham, WA when we were cleaning up the property we were buying.

Thor’s Hammer and The Cow Skull (Nikon Df, 55mm macro-Nikon,

Thor's Hammer and Cow Skull

Thor’s Hammer and Cow Skull

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