November 8, 2014: Day 8 of 365 Daily Photos: Burning the Mortgage

This past summer we finally paid off the house – it was a momentous occasion and we decided to burn the mortgage at our “last bonfire of the year” we typically hold in November.

Close friends were invited for the bonfire and last night’s celebration was special for a number of reasons beyond the mortgage burning, e.g., our son’s safe return from home from his tour in Afghanistan; walk the “Walk of the Fallen” labyrinth where my wife has said a prayer for every American and Allied soldier who died as a result of service in Afghanistan and Iraq; to pay homage to one of our friend’s husband’s father who had recently died; my retirement; and to see the old year out and the new year in (our year ends on October 31st.

Although this first month of Daily Photos is with the 55mm macro-Nikko lens, for the bonfire I used the 24mm 2.8 to be sure that I captured the bonfire in it’s entirety.

The first image is of whiskey burning in a bowl when my wife was reading the names of those who US and Allied soldiers who died in Afghanistan and Iraq in 2014.

Burning Whiskey (Nikon Df, 55mm macro-Nikkor, Auto Iso 1600, 1/15th sec @ f5.6)

Whiskey Burning

Whiskey Burning





Bon fire




Burning the Mortgage (Nikon Df, 24 mm 2.8, Auto ISO 3200, 1/1000 sec @ f8)

2014-11-04_191 Day 8 Mortage Burning








Paying homage to Bud, our friend’s husband’s father.  Bud’s favorite beer was Budweiser and our friend held the open can over the fire poured the beer out.  If you look closely you can see the beer going into the fire.

Here's to Bud

Here’s to Bud



bon fire

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