November 11, 2014: Day 11 of 365 Daily Photos – First Frost and Early Morning Sun

If you hadn’t already guessed, I absolutely love the Pacific Northwest, particularly west of the Cascade mountains for many reasons, including the ability for a beautiful sunrise and clear blue skies to completely wash away the gray we can have in abundance during the Fall.  The past few days have been medium to heavily overcast with rain and winds, all-in-all, a normal part of the fall cycle.  Occasionally, as it was yesterday, the mornings can be wonderfully clear and as the day progresses, turns to what I refer a “Kodak 18% grey” – a term I began using for the seemingly endless cloudy days in Berlin when my wife and I were there in the mid 70s.

This morning, however, I gasped in joy when I looked out the kitchen window and saw the patch of trees caddy corner to our house enshrouded in a mist with the early morning sun quickly burning it off.  I grabbed my camera, put Fen on a leash, hurried outside and began breathing in the brisk cold air as I walked about taking photos here and there.

There’s a story to how my wife and I arrived in the Northwest a little over 27 years ago but that will for another crisp fall day.

I have two Daily Photos for today’s post (both taken with the Nikon Df and the 55 Macro-Nikkor).

Tomorrow’s post, if all goes well, will be of Mt. St. Helens – about 55 miles or so from Graham.

Woods in Sun and Mist

Woods in Sun and Mist

Woods in Sun and Mist








Woods in Morning Sun

Woods in Early Morning Sun

Woods in Early Morning Sun











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