November 12, 2014: Day 12 of 365 Daily Photos – Trumpeter Swans

It was not possible today to get images of Mt. St. Helens yesterday.  However, on the way to Mt. St. Helens yesterday, a flock of Trumpeter Swans passed overhead as we were leaving the Nisqually Wildlife Refuge.  As you leave Tacoma to go to St. Helens via I-5 South you will soon go through the refuge.  When we drive down I-5 South we always look to the west over the refuge for the Olympic Mountains.  As it was a clear day we saw the Olympics and noticed that for the first time, they were capped with snow.  If you’re lucky when driving though this area and look to the left you might see a glimpse of the Olympia.

As we almost at the end of the Niqually Refuge before we went between two hillsides, we saw the moon (a half-moon) visible above  and at the same time, saw the approaching flock of Trumpeter Swans.  Within seconds the swans were in perfect alignment with the moon as they were approaching the Refuge where they would land.

It was absolutely beautiful to see the gleaming white swans with the moon in the back ground.

Why this story and not a photo?  If I don’t have a Daily Photo, I’ll be honest and tell you that.  While it would be easy to grab another image and post it, it would not be in the spirit of a Photo a Day for 365 days.

In this case, the Swans are my Daily Photo…



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