November 15, 2014: Day 15 of 365 Daily Photos: Ponds and Window Shades

I absolutely love shadows, abstract forms, black and white images, morning or evening sun, overcast or light rainy days, or any combination of any of these aspects when I go out on photo shoots.  With this background, today’s Daily Photo includes both the setting sun and abstract shadows with a touch of color.

I must admit of the two photos today, the Tudor Rose is my favorite.

Earlier I had decided to get a photo of Mount Rainier as I wanted catch a shot of the mountain in all it’s snow-covered glory before the sun bathed it in different colors as it began to set.  It was raining last week and the mountain was given a fresh coat of snow, some places so deep it looked like as it was icing just waiting to be played in.

However, on the way to the mountain, the pond just down the road from us caught my fancy.  This particular pond has always been interesting and the property owners left this particular area more or less wild as they’ve generally cleared all the loose brush and plants from amongst the many fir trees they have.  When you drive by and see how the firs have been opened up, it almost looks as tidy as the forests I saw in Germany.  They have horses and they absolutely love grazing in the cool shade of the pines in the deep summer.

As I drove by, I noticed how the setting sun was lighting up parts of the trees and vegetation and I immediately turned around and went up to the fence to get the shot.  The fence is fairly tall with a short distance and I had to really work to where I could get the angle I wanted as well as trying to steady the camera in the rapidly failing light.

Pond in Evening Sun (Nikon Df, 55 macro-Nikkor, ISO 200, f16 @ f/13 sec)

Pond In Evening Sun

Pond In Evening Sun







This evening when my wife was lying down for a bit, an outside light came on and the light caused a Tudor Rose leaded window hanging in the window to cast an absolutely marvelous shadow on the blinds that were partially open.  She told me about the shadow and I was able to photograph a beautiful abstract image of lines, patterns, black and whiteish with a touch of color from the Tudor Rose.

The Tudor Rose (Nikon Df, 55mm macro-Nikkor, Auto ISO 12,800, f2.8 @ 1/60 sec)

The Tudor Rose

The Tudor Rose










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