November 16, 2014: Day 16 of 365 Daily Photos – Fleeting Moment

I had my second VA appointment for Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) therapy (current phase of my PTSD therapy)( at the Lakewood VA Hospital.  As with the first CPT session last week, I was edgy this morning before I left for the appointment.  It’s an interesting approach as is an active therapy where you have to recognize the triggers and record your reactions based on known “stuck” points (e.g., a list of examples that you go select “Stuck Points” categories [Safety, Trust, Power/Control, Esteem, and Intimacy]}.  It’s a 12 week course and the councelor I’m working with told me it’s a very powerful, helpful process and many vets have benefited by it.  My first trigger I chose to write about was on Authority and I didn’t realize how deeply embedded my distrust for authority is.  So, CPT is working thus far.

I will also tell you there was a time I would have never publicly acknowledged that I was undergoing PTSD treatment, let alone talk about the details.  I entered PTSD treatment to improve my life and my interaction with my family.  It has helped immensely and I’m truly glad I made this decision.

As with my first session I felt drained when I left the building into a brisk sunny morning with brilliant blue skies.  There are a number of large rocks arranged in a garden along with a number of maple trees in front of the VA building where I go.  This morning as I walked towards the entrance, one of the rocks had a huge pile of maple leaves raked around the rock.  I took a photo or two but the sun hadn’t really hit the rock yet so they were non-keepers.

When I walked out I went back to the rock and walked around in the leaves for a while looking for the best view.  It was a wonderful sensation when Iheard the rustling of the leaves as well as feeling the leaves scattering around as I walked.  I actually wished the leaves had been gathered in a huge pile – if they had done so, I would have jumped in just like I did when I was a teenager in Albuquerque when we raked a million or so leaves from the trees in the yard.

I finally found my spot and walked away with a beautiful shot of the rock and leaves basking in the sun’s rays.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Fleeting Moment (Nikon Df, 55mm macro-Nikkor, ISO 200, 1/400 sec @ f11).

Fleeting Moments

Fleeting Moments







As I stood there after my last shot, I looked up and saw this amazing scene of the sun shining through the fall maple leaves.  I couldn’t resist and here is the image titled “Shadows and Patterns”.

Shadows and Patterns (Nikon Df, 55 mm macro-Nikkor, ISO 200, 1/1600 @ 5.6)

Shadows and Patterns

Shadows and Patterns










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