November 18, 2014: Day 18 of 365 Daily Photos

I realized yesterday when I posted my Daily Photo that it should have been labeled “Day 16”, not Day 16 as stated in the post.

For the life of me I haven’t figured out how I managed to skip a day.  I know I’ “straight line cutting” and “perfect 90 degree corner cuts” challenged but it now seems I’l also calendar challenged.  This truly drives me crazy at times.

So, today I truly have the “Day 18” Daily Photo.  I took it a few minutes ago of a shell ornament in my home office.  The woven shell hanging is from Mexico and as near as we can tell, it’s from the early sixties.  We took it home and once it was cleaned a bit, my wife strung lights throughout it.  During the day, it has a stately presence but at night it’s truly lovely to look at.

To the right of the hanging shells are two charcoal drawings of us.  These were drawn freehand by an artist in an Albuquerque mall in 1977 when we there  in the summer on our honeymoon from Berlin, Germany.

Shells and Memories (handheld, Nikon Df, 55mm macro-Nikkor, AutoISO 9000, 1/60 @ f8)

Shells and Memories

Shells and Memories










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