November 19, 2014: Day 19 of 365 Daily Photos – Fen and Marley

Our youngest son returned home recently after being discharged from the Army.  During his time, he spent two tours in Afghanistan and in the process, adopted two wonderful dogs, Ladybug and Marley.  Marley has some Basset in her but we’re not quite sure of the actual mixes of the two lovely ladies.  He had Ladybug (a very hard animal to photograph) before he left for his second tour in Afghanistan.  While he was there, he saw Marley on an adoption agency website and adopted her on the spot.  The agency knew he would not be back for some months so they kept her until he came to pick her up upon his return to Kentucky from Afghanistan.

Ladybug and Marley are really fine animals, loyal, happy, and eager to be with Morgan.  When he decided to return home he brought both with him and that’s he home is a truly joyful occasion.

One of our concerns before he arrived was how Fen (our scruffy Terrier mix) would get along with Ladybug and Marley.  I will tell you when the three met, it was happy times and now Marley and Fen are best buddies.  I’ll also tell you trying to get photos of Marley, Ladybug and Fen together in one picture is virtually impossible – however, I did get one tonight of Marley and Fen as they were sitting side by side for the briefest of seconds.

As the 55mm macro-Nikko lens is a manual focus, I’m truly surprised that it came out as good as it did.

Fen and Marley (Nikon Df, 55 macro-Nikkor, AutoISO 12,800, 1/50 @ f2.8).

Fen and Marley - Best Friends

Fen and Marley – Best Friends











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