November 21, 2014: Day 21 of 365 Daily Photos – Wind Chimes and Shadows

Over the years we have done quite a lot to both the house and to the property.  We’ve eliminated most of the grass and replaced it with various shrubs, ground covers, trees, plants, garden area, a labyrinth, and both a stone and pattern cement patios.  Along the way we have many different wind chimes in various parts of the yard and on the house.

I absolutely love wind chimes, in particular, the chimes that have grand notes, harmonious sounds and a sense of rhythm in the way the chimes sound scales.  I love the really big wind chimes as they have a sound that seems to connect with the earth.  At times when the wind is coming though the trees and around the house, the chimes seem continuous, wind driven instruments playing to nature, to the earth, to us, to the universe.

We’ve had bamboo chimes, tiny chimes that sound so high I can’t hear the notes, long metal chimes were weathered so long the wood clapper split in two, chimes that have been tossed and churned into twisty turvy shapes from been blown wildly in the winter winds, petrified wood chimes, and many more.

November this year is being it’s typical fall time of the year with rain and winds almost everyday for the last week or two.  This evening my wife told me the motion detector light on an outdoor shed were casting fascinating wind chime shadows on the house wall.

Wind Chimes and Shadows (Nikon Df, AutoISO 12,800, 1/60 @ f4)

Wind Chimes and Shadows

Wind Chimes and Shadows











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