November 22, 2014: Day 22 of 365 Daily Photos – A Tale to Tell

My wife and I went to Portland, Oregon today.  We left early and arrived home late.  The drive down was simply wet most of the way and the drive back was in the dark so there really wasn’t a photo opportunity with the big camera…additionally, the trip to Portland was to visit a friend of my wife and to visit our future daughter in law’s  parents, Mr. F and Ms. A before Mr. F’s sister-in-law had to leave the next day for Iran.  As we hadn’t met her before, we were invited to visit and have a very nice Iranian dinner before she left.

There is a story behind her visit…her request to visit her brother-in-law took over over a year before it was approved.  Before the approval could be considered, Mr. F and Ms. A had to provide five years of tax returns to the Iranian government so they could be satisfied the relative she would be visiting had the financial wherewithal to provide adequate accommodations and support during her visit.  This was necessary as she was only allowed to bring a limited amount of funds with her.  Oh, by the way, the Iranian government froze all her assets before she left – I suspect to ensure that she would return to Iran and her family.

She stayed with Mr. F and Ms. A for two months and both told me she thoroughly enjoyed her visit.  She was was very nice lady and I would have liked to know her better before she had to return to Iran this past Sunday.

The Iranian dinner Mr. F and his sister-in-law prepared that night was truly outstanding, even more so as it included eggplant and okra.  Those of you who enjoy eggplant and okra would appreciate this as, prepared correctly, they can be quite tasty.  Those of you who don’t appreciate eggplant and okra would probably look upon this dinner with raised eyebrows.  And, much to my chagrin, up unto this dinner, I was firmly in the raised eyebrow camp – in my earlier years the okra and eggplant I had tasted was not to my liking fort a number of reasons…consistency, texture, and taste to name a few.  However, when I tasted the okra and eggplant during dinner, I was absolutely suprised at how good they both were.  Mr. F explained that both were prepared in the Iranian way and that’s why they was so delicious.

During dinner, the topic of ordinary people vis-a-vis governments came up and I believe this is why it took me three days to write this post, break the logjam so to speak.

When I look upon the relationship of governments and citizens, I have always found that ordinary people, you and I, regardless of government political positions, are just like you and I.  True, there are language or physical differences between different nationalities but at the end of they day, we all have commonalities, shared interests, stories, experiences that we can relate with; commonalities and experiences that bring out the humanity is all of us; commonalties and experiences that transcend government views.

I know for many people this can be a touchy subject but for me it is a philosophy I wholeheartedly embrace. I have been fortunate in my life to have traveled, to have lived in different countries, to have met people from all over the world and I look forward to meeting many others as we cross paths.

Not all Daily Photos are photos…sometimes they’re pictures of words.



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