November 24, 2014: Day 24 of 365 Daily Photos – Star

Today was appointment number three of my Monday VA Cognitive Processing Therapy  session.  As usual, I don’t sleep well at night and always wake up way too early.  In so many ways these current therapy sessions jangle my nerves – but then again, that’s the point, right?  Right!

Part of the reason I was tense before the session today was that I have recently watched a video of an Iraqi war veteran who passed away after years of pain.  It was a truly tragic video and there were so many moments that impacted.  So, as you imagine, today’s session was a doozie.  The video and the topics I discussed during the CPT session remained with me all day as I knew I needed something calming for today’s Daily Photo and I also knew it was hanging in the window in our living room.

We decorated this past weekend for the upcoming solstice celebration and my wife hung a big star in the window…taking images at night always induces a sense of calm for me and I looked forward to the late evening when I could capture an image tying together the past to today with my family.

Nikon Df, 55mm macro-Nikkor, AutoISO 12,800, f8 @ 1/60

Evening Star

Evening Star

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2 Responses to November 24, 2014: Day 24 of 365 Daily Photos – Star

  1. The seven pointed star of Kybele, the Great Mother.

  2. And may Tomas Young, the veteran who died, rest in peace of some kind!

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