November 26, 2014: Day 26 of 365 Daily Photos: Mt. Rainier

Over the past 27 years I have taken dozens and dozens of Mt. Rainier photos.  I have a number of vantage points of which the one I use most is about a mile and a half north of the house.  I have shot multiple sunrises and a number of sunsets but rarely do I shot one in  mid-day. I normally don’t like shooting during the mid-day due to the harsh shadows and the way the sky looks.   However, today I took a photo of the mountain a bit before noon due to the combination of the mountain and multiple cloud formations.

As an aside, Mt. Rainier is located in the Cascade mountain range. On the western side of the Cascades where we live, when you mention the “Mountain”, everyone knows you’re talking about Mt. Rainier.  It is the dominant topological feature and the location of the mountain has dramatic impacts to the weather patterns, especially locally where we live.  There have been many times where we have been under days and days of clouds yet when we drive to Tacoma (about 20 some miles to the NW), it’s been sunny during the same period.

I actually went out twice for this shoot.  The first was on my return home from an errand and when I drove by my favorite vantage point I looked at the mountain (I always, always, always do so – the mountain is a magnet to me) and my eyes popped out due to the spectacular combination of the clouds and the way the sun was highlighting the mountain. Unfortunately, on this particular morn I forgot to load the card back into the camera and you already know the rest of the story for this shoot.

As soon as I arrived at the house I put the card back into the camera and raced back to my vantage point.  I learned a long time ago when photographing the mountain that the light changes incredible fast and if you don’t have your camera with you then by the time you return, the light has already shifted.  So, I had guarded expectations on my return.  In this case, I was rewarded with another incredible view…I have also tossed in some previous photos so you can see how Mt. Rainer looks at different times of the year.  Please note that this is a cropped photo as the 55mm captured a tremendous amount of the foreground that I would normally not have if I would have used my “go to” Nikon 24-85mm (the older model) which would have allowed me to crop “in-camera”.

Today’s Daily Photo: Mt. Rainier in Clouds (Nikon Df, AutoIso 200, 1/640 @ f16).  Please both panos below Today’s Daily Photo were taken withtheNikon D300.

Rainier in Clouds

Rainier in Clouds







Rainier Sunrise - January 2009

Rainier Sunrise – January 2009





Mt. Rainier - Rare Sunset with Fog in foreground - September, 2013

Mt. Rainier – Rare Sunset with Fog in foreground – September, 2013





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