November 27, 2014: Day 27 of 365 Daily Photos- Birch Leaves

It’s been rainy and windy for the past six days as another storm front rolls through the Pacific NW.  November is famous for this type of weather in the Pacific NW with the only variable being the total amount of rain during November of a given year.

We’ve been tracking rainfall since 2004 and the highest amount of rain in November in the last 10 years was 2006 with almost 13.5 inches of rain that month.  This month is a bit more modest with 6.11 of rain so far.  We still have three more days and the weather reports are forecasting another inch or two during these three days.

The wind, however, has been busy pummeling the leaves of the deciduous trees in the past few weeks.  So, today’s Daily Photo is of a birch tree in the front yard with a few desultory leaves still hanging on…

Birch Leaves (Nikon Df, 55mm macro-Nikkor, AutoIso 1000, 1/60 @ f8)

Birch Leaves in November

Birch Leaves in November

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