December 1, 2014: Day 31 of 365 Daily Photos: Marsh in Twilight

We have a marsh not too far from the house, a half-mile or so.  It’s a wetland and is unsuitable for building or becoming a rural housing area.  On the north side of the road that divides the marsh the tall grass is harvested every once in a while if the summer has been warm and dry.  The south side of the marsh is too wet so it stays in it’s wild state and in all the years we’ve lived in this area (almost 27) we’ve not seen it commercialized, harvested, or otherwise interfered with by man.  Walking the road as the marsh waxes and wanes throughout the year is a wondrous experience.  We’ve seen numerous species of birds, including swallows, eagles, crows, bluejays, woodpeckers, and hawks to name a few.  There are deer trails everywhere and often as we walk numerous frogs will suddenly go silent as we near where they are.  Of all the birds, the swallows are our favorite, both from their ability to keep the mosquito population down and the way they swoop, dart, and turn  on a pinhead as they sight their breakfast.

This evening’s walk was a wondrous experience…the air was truly brisk (in the high 20’s), the sun was setting, a half-moon rising, and the surrounding hills being painted a rosy hue as the sun was retiring for the night.  I had Fen the Terrier with me as…I’m not so sure he enjoyed my frequent stops to take photos.

As this is December 1st, I’ve switched from the 55mm macro-Nikkor lens to a Nikon 28mm f3.5 for the next 30 days.

Today’s Daily Photo: (South) Marsh In Twilight (Nikon Df, 28mm, ISO 200, 1/50 @ f16)

Marsh in Twilight

Marsh in Twilight

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