December 2, 2014: Day 32 of 365 Daily Posts – The Nutcracker

These two images were taken Sunday night in Seattle.  We went to watch the last season of Maurice Sendak’s version of the The Nutcracker ballet which has been running  continuously since 1983   As our future daughter-in-law expressed a desire to see the ballet I purchased the tickets for last Sunday afternoon.

Maurice Stendak's Backdrop of the Nutcracker Ballet  (taken with an iPhone 6)

Maurice Stendak’s Backdrop of the Nutcracker Ballet (taken with an iPhone 6)

This was my first ballet and it has whetted my appetite to see more.  The Nutcracker is really a ballet for children and there were literally hundreds and hundreds of children there to watch the ballet.  The set was marvelous to look at and I marveled at the timing, the craftsmanship, the dancer’s costumes and listening to the live orchestra play the music.  The only thing that bothered me was the way the mice’s costumes were presented (very moorish like instead of a more european look).   Perhaps it’s a sign of the times but the way the mice were dressed was troublesome.

One of the lessons I’ve learned from the first month of my Daily Photos is that it while its not always possible to capture a Daily Photo with your camera of choice, talking a photo of an event with the “camera” you have at the time allows you to accomplish your goal.  If I had understood this when I started my 365 Daily Photos I would have had a photo every day to post.

So, my apologies for not capturing an image yesterday – we were out all day running errands and as we were driving to our last store late yesterday afternoon I should have stopped and taken the image with my iPhone.  I will go back there this afternoon for the shot as it truly was an image I would not have imagined this time of the year.


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