December 3, 2014: Day 33 of 365 Daily Posts

Today was quite hectic and I only had this morning for my Daily Photo.  I took two, one of a Dawn Redwood and the other of Cotoneaster after being trimmed off our driveway.

The Dawn Redwood fascinates me for it’s ability to thrive where it has been planted.  This is the second tree in the same location and this one is doing quite well.  I particularly like the way the needles come out in the spring and then when the autumn sets in they begin to change color as the weather cools.  Soon the tree will be bare of all it’s needles and then, in my mind, the true character of the tree comes out as it stands silently waiting for the spring cycle to begin anew.

The second is a close up of the trimmed Cotoneaster.  It is a member of the Rose family and while there are a number of varieties, ours is a ground cover. As the years have passed, it has grown quite thick and if not trimmed back, will quickly stake it’s claim with it’s growth, sometimes extending it’s reach a couple of feet before action is taken.  When trimming begins it is not uncommon to trim back branches over five or six feet in length.  Once trimmed, however, the view of the exposed undergrowth is quite interesting in the way the branches intertwine and support each other.

I used the 28mm for both shots.  In many ways I like this lens as it allows shots that can capture the whole of the image (such as the Dawn Redwood) in situations where there are space constraints.

Dawn Redwood in December (Nikon Df, 28 mm, ISO 200, 1/60 @ f11)

Dawn Redwood in December

Dawn Redwood in December

Cotoneaster Entanglement (Nikon Df, 28mm, AutoIso 5600, 1/30 @ f16)

Cotoneaster Entanglement

Cotoneaster Entanglement


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