December 5, 2014: Day 36 of 365 Daily Photos – Fog & Web

I apologize for missing yesterday…the shot I took didn’t turn out at all.  So, today, I’ll post two…one of the marsh in fog and the other a spider web at night.  The marsh shot is in B&W; the web in color.

The weather has warmed up over the past two day, so much so that for most of today, there was unusually heavy fog in the area where we live.  I took Fen the Terrier with me and we walked down to the marsh.  While I have a number of shots from today’s session I like, the one I’m posting is my favorite.

By now, the marsh grasses have all turned yellow and have been beaten down by the rain and the freezing weather we had for the last six or seven days.  As I returning from the walk, I spotted the sagging gate that barred access to the south marsh.  With the heavy fog, I thought it was perfect symbolism of the futility of man attempting to bar access to nature.

The spider shot…my wife saw the web this evening as she was walking the labyrinth we have in our back yard…she came in and told me to grab my camera and see if I was up to the challenge of capturing the web in near darkness.  While I took three or four images, the first was the best.  The illumination was provided by a small flashlight and the dew drops from today’s fog are quite visible.

Both were taken with the Nikon Df and 28mm in AutoISO.

Dereliction (ISO 560, 1/25o @ f11)




Cat’s Cradle (ISO 12,800, 1/250 @ 3.5)

Cat's Cradle

Cat’s Cradle

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