December 6, 2014: Day 37 of 365 Daily Photos

Today’s photo is a picture of my garage.  At this point you’re probably going “really, a garage?”.  I don’t blame you as garages are not the apex of fine art photography.  To understand a bit more why I’m using this photo is simple…I’ve not been the most organized person with garages, closets, etc.  So, part of my retirement pledge to myself to become organized as well as keeping it organized.  Use and put it back philosophy is the new motto.  I started the garage reorganization a week or so after I retired and as I surveyed the chaos I realized I needed to start completely over.  Everything came off the walls, pegboard went up, shelving units were erected and then I did a 100% item by item review of the contents as I touched them.  The pegboards were soon organized by function, tools were hung, cabinets were emptied with the contents discarded or stored in their new home.  I also bought two organizers, one for screws and the other for nails.

Yes, it took time and, yes, I’m very pleased with it.  So, there’s the reorganized garage.  Its functional and we park the cars at night.

Tomorrow’s photos will be more interesting, I promise!!!

The Reorganized Garage

The Reorganized Garage

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