December 7, 2014: Day 38 of 365 Daily Photos – The Marsh Stream

I’ll be honest here…today’s Daily Photo is from the marsh shoot earlier this week.  The biggest reason I’m doing this is I have to write about a traumatic event in Vietnam…it’s the next phase of my PTSD therapy and I truly do not look forward to writing about this particular event that occurred the day I was leaving Vietnam for the USA in May 1968.  Nothing tragic happened on that morning drive to the airport, it’s what I saw when I looked out my window and my immediate reaction to what I saw shocked me.  My thoughts of this event and my reaction have haunted me for decades.  It’s time to dig to the heart of the matter and come to grips with this.

This particular image is of a stream that runs beneath the marsh road.  The stream is about midway and runs from north to south.  The south view is framed by two tall trees and each time I walk this road I always stop to see what the area looks like, what vegetation has grown in, how have the trees fared year to year, or what flowers are in bloom at a particular season of the year.  It’s calming to stop and let time pass by as I gaze upon the gurgling stream as the water streams south – I often wonder where does the water lead to, what other stream does it join and how long before the stream water reaches the end of the river it’s become a traveling companion with.  Sometimes I have a clear view of the marsh the stream feeds; other times as today, it a mystical destination.

The Marsh Stream (Nikon Df, 28 mm, AutoISO 640, 1/250 @ f11)

The Marsh Stream

The Marsh Stream

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