December 9, 2014: Day 40 of 365 Daily Photos – Solstice Tree

Today’s Daily Photo is of our Solstice tree.  We put it up last week and I thought it would be a good photo for the blog.

I had to put some thought and work into this as I wanted both the lights to be clear and the details visible – you guessed it…a slow shutter speed for the lights and a flash burst for the details.  Our living room has an eight foot ceiling which was a concern as the tree lights were pretty bright by themselves.  To make everything work I lowered the ISO to 100 and though experiments ended up dialing the flash output to -3 and -1 on the EV camera setting.  By now it was coming out pretty close to what I was looking for but the image didn’t seem warm enough so I asked my wife for a stocking, placed it on the flash and viola, the warmth came through.  (I learned the stocking trick in Berlin when I was assisting a wedding photographer.  He had asked me along and I jumped at the chance to see how wedding photography went. It was a good learning experience – always a good thing.)

Solstice Tree (Nikon Df, 28mm, ISO 100, 4 seconds at f22 with -1 EV, Nikon flash with -3 EV dialed in, stocking to add warmth).

Solstice Tree

Solstice Tree

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