December 11, 2014: Day 42 of 365 Daily Photos – To Franca

There was no photo yesterday – I attended a funeral for a friend I had worked and bantered with for over four years.  She retired five months ago and was truly excited about all the new possibilities that lay ahead of her and her pardner.  Then, the cancer diagnosis two months after retirement and three months later she passed away at 58 years old.  A very sobering day.

As I was driving home the rain was quite heavy and the traffic very slow.  I had hoped to get home in time to take a photo of a cloudscape I had decided that be for Franca but by the time I arrived, darkness had truly set in and there was absolutely not possibility of any photo.

So this afternoon, though the weather stormed throughout the day and high winds were forecasted within the hour, I drove to a spot when I knew if there would be any chance to see clouds and sun in midst of stormy weather, it would be here.  It was at the edge of the Rogers drop zone at Fort Lewis – an area I knew from the many parachute jumps I made before I retired from the service.  There was a row of trees that would provide an excellent foreground for the clouds and if the weather permitted, there was a good chance I would find what I was looking for – a cloud scape for Franca.  And, as I hoped, just before I arrived, there was a break in the rain as the sun was setting.  The clouds were scudding across the sky at crazy speeds and it seemed the views changed by the second.  I took a number of photos and as I finished the last and walked back to my car, the clouds closed in and the rain began.

Today’s Daily Photo is dedicated to Franca

Cloudscape (Nikon Df, ISO 100, 1/80 at f11)

To Franca (1956 - 2014)

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