December 14, 2014: Day 45 of 365 Daily Photos – A Candle, Crows, Fog and a Peeking Sun

Today’s Daily Photos began just after midnight and continued through noon today.

As always, please click on the image for a larger view

Flame and Shadow

Flame and Shadow

Last night the power went out for about 45 minutes or so and candles were lit to provide light in the various rooms.  As my wife makes all our candles from 100% beeswax the candles not only provided a warm, gentle light as well as an aroma that’s almost intoxicating.  While there are many candles on the market, nothing beats the aroma of hand-made beeswax candles, not to mention the added bonus of no soot on the walls or the ceiling from the wicks as they’re made of natural materials.  The other enjoyable aspect of natural beeswax candles is how they feel in your hand when you hold them.  They have a smooth, warm, pleasant sensation that cannot be duplicated by candles made of paraffin so often found in the shops. (Nikon Df, 24-85 macro lens [56mm in macro mode], Auto ISO 800, 1/125 @ f16)

The candle in today’s Daily Photo is a star shaped candle and as the candle burned down the castellated shape begged to have its photo taken.

It was foggy this morning and I had to take Fen the Terrier mix to the vet this morning.



When I left the house the fog had begun to lift in our area and by the time I arrived at the vet (13 miles north of us) the fog was still heavy but looked like it was beginning to dissipate high up.  After the vet, off to Costco for some items for today’s goodies.  When I came out the sun was beginning to peek its way through the dense fog.   This time I had my camera with me and I took the shot from the parking lot.  I had the 24-85 lens on which was fortunate as without if I would have had to crop considerably for the image I was looking for. (Nikon Df, 24-85 Nikon macro lens, AutoISO 100, 24-86 [at 85 mm), f/11 @ 1/4000)

Crows in Branches

Crows in Branches

The final photo of the crows in branches was taken on the way home.  I had stopped at another store and when I came out the fog had completely vanished and I saw the trees with the crows silhouetted in the branches against that beautiful clear winter sky.  (Nikon Df, Nikon 24-85 macro lens [at 35mm], AutoISO 100, 1/1000 @ f8).


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