December 17, 2014: Day 48 of 365 Daily Photos – Catching Up From Behind

This past four or five days has been hectic and I’ve been remiss in not posting daily…please accept my apologies.  I do have photos from Wednesday the 10th, Monday the 15th and today the 17th.

I’m beginning to realize that I need to establish routine in my post”going to work days”; partly as I’m feeling more rested and I’m now catching up with all the things I didn’t seem the time for before I retired.  I’ve approached the Daily Photo as a spur of the moment opportunity which is probably not the best approach as it has resulted in some days where I didn’t seem to find the serendipitous moment and, accordingly, no photo that day.  Obviously, it’s time for a change in my approach, including working on specific photo projects that I’ve had in the back of my mind.

Today I have three photos: a rainbow on the 10th (day 41); pinecones in early morning sun on the 15 (Day 46); and reflections in coffee from this morning (Day 48).  (Please click image to enlarge)

Rainbow on the Drive Home

Rainbow on the Drive Home

The rainbow shot was taken from my car window while waiting for traffic to move.  The weather had been stormy, the clouds were dark grey and while waiting, the sun came out and suddenly there was this incredible rainbow to my left.  The iPhone was whipped out and I got the shot just as the car in front began to move. (Taken with iPhone 6)


I had another PTSD counseling session this past Monday (Day 46).  When I left the house

Pinecones in Early Morning Sun

Pinecones in Early Morning Sun

the sun was just beginning to paint the landscape in that wonderful early morning “golden hour” that seems magical overtime I see that particular hue and color in the early morn or at sunset.  I was stopped at the corner of Pacific Highway and 176th waiting for the light to change and when I looked to the left I saw the pines laden with cones golden against a cloudy sky.  As I had the Df with me, I was able to get a few shots before the light changed. I hope you find it as enchanting as I did this past Monday morning.  (Nikon Df, 24-85 [at 50mm], ISO 100, 1/40 @ f11)

Reflections in Morning Tea

Reflections in Morning Tea

The last photo was taken this morning while having some Russian tea with my wife.  She looked into her cup and told me to come look.  When I looked, I saw the reflection of the Solstice ornaments reflecting back from the dark liquid.  I had my iPhone with me and took the picture.  (Taken with iPhone 6)


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