December 20, 2014: Day 51 of 365 Daily Photos – Wild II

In reference to yesterday’s post “The Wild”, I included a black and white photo of the woods near a shop.  While I particularly like B&W, my wife firmly believes images of nature should be shown the way nature is…in color.  She makes good sense: B&W presents a certain tone which may not be appreciated by all; color, on the other hand, is a good representation of the scene before you.  While I present nature images in both mediums, I choose B&W in yesterday’s shot as I wanted to show the woods in a somber mood, more of a wild wooden area fighting off the advances of civilization.  However, even in color, this particular patch of woods still presents a wild, primitive appearance.

In many ways, perhaps the color image is superior.  Here you can see both last year’s blackberries (left foreground) and this year’s blackberry brambles (right foreground.  Blackberry brambles thrive in this area west of the Cascades and, if left, unchecked, will, and have many times over, overtaken abandoned house till all you see is a higher mound of the brambles with no hint at all that there ever was a house there at one time.  There are two general types, blackberries and black caps, and the leaves and berries are different.  The black caps tend to crawl on the ground while the blackberries can have canes 10-15 feet in length, sometimes more.  Black cap berries are about half the size of the blackberries.  Blackberry leaves are more of a rounder, broader shape, black caps more of a slender pointed shape.  In either case both types of berries are delicious when ripe.

The tree in the center and around the center are fruit trees; the tree on the right is, according to the owner of the property, an oak tree approximately 300 years old.  Though you cannot see it, there is a creek traversing the scene from lower left towards the upper right with blackberry canes on both sides.  The creek is dry most of the year but when the rains comes in, it does rise quickly.

The logs lying in the right foreground are old telephone poles waiting to be used to bridge the creek so the back part of the parcel can be accessed.  This particular parcel is truly a wild part of nature sandwiched between roads, business, apartments, and an abandoned skating rink.

As I typed the information above, I realized that my wife was correct, nature should be in color to appreciate all the details.

Today’s Daily Photo – Wild II (Nikon Df, 24-85 mm [at 24mm], 1/50 @ f11)

The Wild II

The Wild II

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