December 23, 2014: Day 53 of 365 Daily Photos – Navaho Kachina Doll

Spending time in New Mexico as a teenager before I joined the military plus a number of trips since then over the years has imbued me, and my wife, with a love of the state and it’s landscapes and Native American art work, including Navaho and Hopi Kachina Dolls.  We have two, a Hopi Crow Mother and a Navaho Priest Killer, also known as “Yowe”.  Ironically, we found Crow Mother in Leavenworth, Washington, of all places, and Priest Killer in a Tacoma antique store.  Of the two styles, she prefers the Hopi style

When we found Priest Killer, my wife (who is part Native American) was torn on why the Kachina doll tugged at her and whether to get the Kachina or not for a number of reasons.  She finally decided to bring Priest Killer home and if you read her blog, she explains why.

We have no idea when it was made and the only clue we have of the artist is the name “Fredi Uulq” which is written on the bottom of the Kachina Doll’s stand.  Though we have researched the artist’s name for more information, we have been unsuccessful.  When we got the doll, the knife was missing and my wife made one out of clay to replace it.

Today’s Daily Photo is of Yowi.  I set up a small desktop background and used available light to capture the image.  (Nikon Df, 24-85 mm lens [at 52mm], f3.8 @ 4 sec).

Yowe the Priest Killer, Navaho Kachina Doll

Yowe the Priest Killer, Navaho Kachina Doll

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