January 2, 2015: Day 63 of 365 Daily Photos – Experimenting w/Nikon Df & Bronica Lens, Kachina Doll

I took January 1st off…part of this was that I was pondering the best way to conduct the Daily Photos as well as deciding to the next shoots with a Bronica lens on the Nikon Df using the Fotrodiox Pro (ETR-NIK) adaptor.  With that decision, I went down the road for the best way to document the test results to ensure by the test end, I would be completely familiar with the Df/Bronica combination.  As January in the Northwest is typically grayish and rainy, this is a perfect testing time.

I want to be a “scientific” as possible to ensure I truly know how to use the Bronica lens on the Df.

The Fotrodiox adaptor fits perfectly on the Df.  As it’s a “non-AI” lens, you first have to flip the non-AI lever up to allow the lens to fit the body easily.  Using the Fotrodiox adaptor/Bronica lens with the Df can only happen in complete manual mode, e.g, focusing, metering, and shutter speed with the aperture being adjusted only on the Bronica lens.  In my first test, I squared off the Nikon 24-85 against the Bronica 50mm lens with my logic being that the 24-85 could be adjusted (more or less) to approximately the same lens focal length of the Bronica.

The two photos today were my preliminary test set-up.  From this, I already know I need to build a data sheet so I can record lens type, aperture, speed,  focal length (approximate), and lighting set-up.  Without documented data, the tests will be happenstance at best.

I suspect the first week’s shooting will be trial and error until I set the procedure up correctly.

Today’s shots are of the Hopi Crow Mother.  The Nikon Df / Nikon 24-85 is the first; the Df / Bronica the second.

The biggest issue I see at this point is Depth of Field (DoF) with the Bronica.  The DoF for the Nikon 24-85 lens is predictable; the DoF with the Bronica has been troublesome and I need to figure out why; if I cannot have the same confidence in DoF with the Bronica 50mm, it is a huge limiter in the way I shoot.  More to come.

I’ve included both jpegs in an “as is” state (no editing) and the edited version.  Both were shot under the same lighting set up (combination of flash, ambient light, and white card for fill).

Hopi Crow Mother  “as is jpegs” (Nikon Df, 24-85 Nikon lens @ 50mm; Bronica 50mm lens)

Nikon 24-85 jpeg "As Is"

Nikon 24-85 jpeg “As Is”

Bronica 50mm  jpeg "As Is"

Bronica 50mm jpeg “As Is”










Hopi Crow Mother  “corrected jpegs” (Nikon Df, 24-85 Nikon lens @ 50mm; Bronica 50mm lens).  I had to work with the saturation to bring the Bronica more in line with the Nikon image.  Also, the Nikon jpeg is sharper than the Bronica version.

Nikon jpeg 24-85 @ 50mm "corrected"

Nikon jpeg 24-85 @ 50mm “corrected”

Bronica 50 mm "corrected"

Bronica 50 mm “corrected”










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