January 5, 2015: Day 65 of 365 Daily Posts – Blackberry in Rain

It’s been rainy this week – yesterday we had 1.68 inches of rain which, with the .29 inches we had on the 2nd and 3rd, brings us to almost two inches of rain for this short period of January.  While this post is not a weather post, rain is an integral part of living in the Pacific Northwest – at least on the western side of the Cascade mountain range.  In our area where we live, the average rainfall for the month of January  from 2004 – 2014 is approximately five inches.  During this 10 year period, the highest January rainfall recorded was 11.67 inches in 2006 while the January with the least amount of rain was in 2013 with only 3.21 inches.  (Disclaimer:  Our rainfall measurements are only for the area where we live, not for the Puget Sound region or the Washington state peninsula – their rainfall measurements can vary dramatically from where we live, or even with the region in general.)

While each month of the year where we live varies, it is safe to say there’s ample opportunity for photography in the rain.  It’s actually rather interesting and even on the fun side.  When I was shooting with the D300 I dried the camera as soon as I was out of the rain.  The Df is more forgiving as its “water resistant” which gives me a bit more leeway when I’m out and about in liquid sunshine.

Oh, if you’re wondering, our average annual rainfall during the period from 2004-2014 was approximately 47 inches with the lowest rainfall of 27 inches in 2013 and the highest rainfall during this period was 55 inches in 2014.

Today’s Daily Photo: Blackberry in Rain (Nikon Df, 24-85 mm Nikon lens)

Blackberry in Rain

Blackberry in Rain



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