January 6, 2015: Day 66 of 365 Daily Photos – Rhododendron

As I mentioned on January 3rd not not many plants are in bloom in the early part of January here in the Northwest.  Other than the Heather, the next flowering plants that will probably begin to bloom are the Rhododendrons.  While Rhododendrons can almost anywhere under the right climate and soil conditions, they are thrive in the Pacific NW (Click here for a dazzling array of Rhododendron flowers in the Pacific NW).  We only have a few types in our yard but if you were to drive around the area, go to the various gardens, you would be amazed at both the sizes and flowers from the various types within the region.  Rhododendrons range from very small to vary large, some over 6 feet or more in height.  The flowers can be purple, yellow, white, red, pink, and lavender for example.

When the Rhododendrons begin to “come in”, they are quickly visited by Mason bees and bumble bees grateful for the nectar after the cold winter.  One of the more interesting facts about Rhododendrons is the honey made of Rhododendron nectar and pollen is poisonous so you won’t see any for sale.

None of our Rhododendrons are in bloom yet though we have a number that are beginning to bud.

Today’s Daily Photo – Rhododendron in Bloom (Nikon Df, 24-85mm lens)

Rhododendron Buds

Rhododendron Buds

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