January 7, 2015: Day 367 of 365 Daily Photos – Lichen

As you can imaging, the Pacific NW can be a damp and wet environment in the late fall, winter, and spring on the western side of the Cascades.  Flora of all types thrives in this area that has as much moisture throughout the year, whether from rain, fog, or general dampness.   If you go walking in the forests at various times in the year you would be amazed at the richness of the plant life on the forest floor, what is growing around or on standing or fallen trees, different types of berries, mushrooms, moss, and lichen to name a few.

We try to keep our property as “native” as possible to encourage a bee-friendly environment as well as to ensure what vegetables we grow are as pesticide-free as possible.  Going au natural as possible in this environment has both it’s advantages and disadvantages.  The advantages include the haven we’ve created for many types of birds that visit our yard throughout the year, a natural environment for honeybees, bumblebees, and Mason bees, the occasional deer, frogs, garden snakes, red and grey squirrels , many different types of spiders, as well as raccoons and possums (though we could do without them).

As you can see, our property provides a thriving environment for flora and fauna as well ample photo opportunities throughout the year.  So, though I have many photos from over the years of “our” flora and fauna, today’s Daily Photo is of lichen growing on old cedar fencing that I took this week.  I particular like the rough texture of the weather-beaten cedar fencing as well as the different types of lichen on the cedar.  Enjoy!!

Lichen on Cedar (Nikon Df, 24-85 mm lens)

Lichen on Cedar

Lichen on Cedar


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