January 10, 2015: Day 70 of 365 Daily Photos: Murano Toso Gold Aventurine Blue Art Glass

Many years ago, when my wife’s parents were stationed in West Germany, her mother bought a Murano Toso glass bowl in an espresso brown color.  In the following years, the bowl was shattered one day.  When we were first married almost 39 years ago (next month will be the 39th), she told me about the bowl, how beautiful it was, how the colors seemed magical and how the golden flakes shimmered in the light.   Even though she was very descriptive in the shape, colors and texture, I never could quite imagine what it looked like.

So imagine my absolute and utter surprise as we were browsing in a collectible shop when I heard my wife gasp in shock.  I quickly turned around and as soon as I saw what she was looking at, I knew immediately it was bowl she had described to me those many years ago, only this bowl was blue on the inside instead of espresso brown.  We bought the bowl on the spot, took it home and I gave it to my youngest son as a gift he could give his mother on Solstice day.  There was the tiniest mar on the very tip and I passed on the instructions from the shop owner how to take it out…mayonnaise and sand paper.  It did the trick and when my wife opened the package, she was ecstatic all over again.  She told my son how happy she was to have received it.

It is her most favorite present.

Today’s Daily Photo: Rediscovered Murano Toso Gold Aventurine Blue Art Glass (Nikon Df, 24-85 mm and two flashes)

Murano Toso Gold Aventurine Blue Art Glass

Murano Toso Gold Aventurine Blue Art Glass


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